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10 x Packs Kamagra oral jelly 100mg (70 Jellies) 10 x Packs Kamagra oral jelly 100mg (70 Jellies)
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10 x Packs Kamagra oral jelly 100mg (70 Jellies)
  (97%, 40 ratings)

10 x Packs Kamagra oral jelly 100mg (70 Jellies)

Price:120 €
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Product code:3
Manufacturer:Ajanta Pharma

Product description


Kamagra Oral Jelly is a popular and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Unlike hard-to-swallow tablets, Kamagra Jelly sachets can be simply squeezed out onto a spoon and swallowed easily. Kamagra Oral Jelly is manufactured clinically in clean room facilities by Ajanta Pharma. Kamagra Jelly is supplied in a range of flavours and quantities may include mint, chocolate, banana, orange, mango, strawberry, pineapple and vanilla.

A selection of mixed flavours will be sent in every order. Unfortunately, we are unable to send specific flavours.

Kamagra Jelly is quickly absorbed into the body and patients report faster response times from 20 mins. Kamagra Oral Jelly has an effective treatment time of 4 - 6 hours but many GPs report longer times.

The active ingredient of Kamagra Oral Jelly is Sildenafil Citrate. It belongs to the PDE-5 family of vasodilators. These drugs work by dilating the blood vessels in the body; particularly around the genital area. This in turn, allows stronger blood flow to enable an erection to take place. Kamagra Jelly is not an aphrodisiac and stimulation will be required to develop an erection.


How to take this medicine

To get the best from your treament, please read the following carefully.

The safe indicated dose of Kamagra within a 24 hour period is 100mg

This medicine will become effective from 20 minutes after taking it 

Effective treatment time is 4 - 6 hours

Always take this medicine with a large glass of water

Avoid large or fatty meals close to when you intend to take the medicine

Alcohol will reduce the effectiveness of this medicine.


Side Effects

From time to time patients taking Kamagra experience the following side effects.


Common Side Effects

Facial redness or flushing


Blocked nose

Dryness in eyes

Mild Nausea

These common side effects are connected to dehydration and usually diminish by increasing water intake.


Less Common Side Effects

Slight blurred vision

Slight blueness in vision

Light sensitivity

The above side effects are not dangerous and normally diminish as your body becomes accustomed to the treatment. Patients presenting with the above side effects generally do not need to stop taking Kamagra.

Serious Side Effects (Uncommon)

Erection longer than 4 hours (Priapism)

Severe decrease or loss of vision

Severe decrease or loss of hearing

Although serious side effects are rare, if you experience any the above serious side effects, stop taking this medicine and seek emergency medical care immediately.


Kamagra is not suitable for everyone.

Patients under treatment for the following conditions; or any ongoing managed condition, should consult their GP prior to taking Kamagra

Heart Related & Cardiovascular diseases including aortic stenosis, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis and general ventricular outflow obstruction.

Stroke, myocardial infaction (heart attack) or serious arrhythmia.

Cardiac failure or coronary artery disease causing unstable angina.

Blood Pressure related diseases including Hypertension & Hypotension and patients with severley impaired autonomic control of blood pressure.

Resting hypotension (low blood pressure) of (BP <90/50)

Resting hypertension (high blood pressure) of (BP >170/110)

Retinitis pigmentosa (genetic disease of the retina)

Sickle cell or other related anaemias

HIV (specifically on treatment with protease inhibitors)

Organ donor recipients


Patients taking the following medicine types should NOT take Kamagra.

Nitroglycerin medicines

Nitroprusside medicines

Amyl Nitrate (Recreationally known as poppers)

Organ Donor Recipient medicines

Azole antifungal medicines taken orally (topical creams for treatment of candida/ thrush are safe)

For a full list of drug interactions, contraindications and precautions please download the PDF Medicine Safety Sheet.

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40 ratings for 10 x Packs Kamagra oral jelly 100mg (70 Jellies)

97 %
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Ja gur
flag-de 10.10.2018
Habe Kamagra bestellt, die Ware ist leider nicht gekommen. Deshalb kein Stern Gruß von Marek
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flag-it 05.09.2018
flag-sk 04.09.2018
Chcem si u Vas objednat pošlite mi telafonne čislo ž vam nadiktujem lebo už viac krat som si tym kišom objednal a nič mi neprišlo
flag-sk 26.04.2018
Velmi dobry multipack
flag-de 09.04.2018
Sehr gut !!! Schnelle Lieferung !
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Wurde sehr schnell geliefert , obwohl ich keine e Mail Bestätigung bekamm und ich erst Angst hatte das es nicht ankommt super preiß.
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Die Packs kommen schnell und bislang zuverlässig bei mir an. Die Wirkung setzt so nach 15 Min. schon ein - und hält wirklich 3-4 Stunden! Hilfreich wäre vielleicht eine Kerbe, damit man(n) sie mit der Hand aufmachen kann. Ansonsten mit der Schere oben abschneiden, in den Mund drücken, etwas zergehen lassen unter der Zunge und bischen Wasser nachspülen. Ein sehr empfehlenswertes Produkt!
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